The International Quality Improvement Collaborative (IQIC) for Congenital Heart Disease was officially launched in 2008 to provide benchmarking data for congenital heart surgery in the developing world, with the overall goal of guiding quality improvement efforts and reducing mortality for congenital heart disease.

Today, there are currently over 70 sites in more than 25 different countries enrolled with the IQIC.


Our vision is to facilitate a collaborative of healthcare teams from around the world working to create a culture of patient safety and sustainable quality improvement (QI) infrastructures for care for congenital heart disease in resource-limited settings.

Mission and Goal

Our mission is to reduce mortality and major complications for children undergoing congenital heart surgery. To achieve our goals, we aim to:

Create tailored quality improvement strategies to reduce mortality and major complications in emerging programs; and
Employ a telemedicine platform to facilitate distance learning, dialogue, and to disseminate knowledge and skills.


In 2007, clinical leaders providing cardiac care to children from around the world convened at the Global Forum...

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Active Sites

Since its inception in September 2008,
the collaborative has grown to 64 sites in 25 different countries...

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Steering Committee

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