Children’s Heartlink

Children’s HeartLink is a Minnesota, USA-based nonprofit humanitarian organization working in Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, Ukraine and Vietnam. We partner with local institutions to strengthen health systems in order to develop sustainable centers of excellence and improve access to quality pediatric cardiac care. Evolving from a direct care to a capacity building train-the-trainer model, over 5,000 medical professionals are now more equipped to care for children with heart disease. Each year over 80,000 children are served locally through Children’s HeartLink partner sites.

The William Novick Global Cardiac Alliance

The William Novick Global Cardiac Alliance was founded by Dr. William Novick and is committed to educating, operating, and supporting pediatric cardiac care around the world.

Gift of Life International

The Gift of Life International’s mission is to provide hope to children from developing countries with heart disease regardless of their gender, creed, or national origin, by supporting autonomous Gift of Life programs in their efforts to care for these children in need, and coordinating the development of sustainable pediatric cardiac surgery and aftercare programs in select countries, through the empowerment of their healthcare professionals.

Heart to Heart International Children's Medical Alliance

Heart to Heart is a tightly woven network of advanced cardiac specialists and program development experts who work together as volunteers to develop new self-sustaining regional children’s heart centers where thousands of children born with heart defects can undergo life-saving treatment. Twenty-five years ago, Heart to Heart pioneered a model for international humanitarian aid focused on pediatric cardiac care. Their specialized teams continue to train hundreds of medical professionals in advanced cardiology, cardiac surgery, and intensive care. Their education-based approach results in self-sustaining children’s heart centers that give millions of families access to life-saving heart care.


OPENPediatrics is a non-profit, open access community of clinicians, nurses and healthcare professionals sharing best practices from all resource settings all over the globe. Our mission is to leverage technology to promote worldwide sharing and exchange of knowledge about the care of sick children. The platform allows healthcare providers access to academically rigorous, peer-reviewed educational resources ranging from didactic lectures and protocols developed by medical experts to being able to practice on one-of-a-kind device simulators. Our speakers and video instructors are pediatric experts representing some of the best hospitals, universities, and organizations around the globe who share in OPENPediatrics mission and values.

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